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In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground...

Today, still wanted by the government, we survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, and no one else can help, and if you can find us, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

(For more information, see previous journal entries.)
Founded 8 Years ago
Oct 13, 2009


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87 Members
93 Watchers
17,667 Pageviews
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Hire the A-Team

:with microphone in hand:
<tv static>
Greetings, muchachos! Howlin' Mad Murdock here with live updates about the team and where to find us and how to hire us and all that other jazz. But first, I'd like to get a comment from BA...

:walks over to BA, mic in hand, in a somewhat nasal tv reporter voice:

:shoves mic away:
Get your hand out of my face, sucker!

:backs up wisely, lapsing out of reporter voice:
Hey, watch it, man, this is my trademark microphone! And besides, you're giving yourself a very poor image with the press.

I don't care about no invisible press, Murdock, and your trademark is stupidity!

Well, that's not very nice. Tell you what, I'll do the report myself.

:in nasal reporter voice again:
That's right, folks, Mr. Baracus is not available for comment at this time. However, if you would still like to hire the A-Team or become an honorary member (that is, not one of the fantastic four), you can send us a note at the address on your screen: The--A-Team.

:loses reporter voice yet again:
Honorary members are people we've met along the way (Amy, Tania, etc.) and whom we acknowledge as friends of the team and we'll support in some fashion (e.g. adding your team-related artwork to our favorites and/or gallery, if requested; etc.).

:and lapses back into it:
Just remember, note us at the address above to confirm your position in the team--we will perform a background check to make sure you are not a part of the US Army, as they still haven't given up trying to catch us. Honorary members are entitled to put a "[Your team name here] of The--A-Team." or "[Your team name here], protected by The--A-Team." tag or something to that effect in their signature line. There are probably more benefits to come, but those terms and conditions will be disclosed later.

This has been Howlin' Mad Murdock, reporting to you live from somewhere. Back to you, Billy.

:screen fades:


John "Hannibal" Smith:
Templeton "Faceman" Peck: dirkbenedict28
"Howlin' Mad" Murdock: HM-Murdock
Bosco "BA" Baracus:
Amy Allen: kitsunekaminari


Mr. Lee: Mr--Lee

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Newest Members

:in a warehouse, apparently abandoned from the outside, but with its interior bedecked with tinsel and holly and printings by Currier and Ives:

"Hey, man, these ain't no Currier and Ives!  These are pages from yesterday's newspaper!  And what're you doin'--"

:enters the room, interrupting the big guy:
"Uh, Murdock, what's with the Mr. Lee costume?"
:motioning at ensemble with hand:
"The wig is a little lopsided.  You know, I don't like sayin' this, but Hannibal really is the only guy who can pull that off..."

:beaming, cigar clenched betwixt teeth:
"Thanks, Face."

:in stilted Chinese accent:
"The Masta say, 'When in hiding long enough, one need fresh air.'"

:looks sideways at Hannibal:
"Translation, Hannibal?"

"Well, it's really quite simple, Face.  You see, Murdock is tired of being our secret weapon.  He'd like to 'roam free' with the rest of us, as he put it.  Right, Murdock?

:applying moustache, still with Chinese at first and then switching to mundane vernacular:
"The Masta say, 'Yeah, what you said, Colonel.'"

"'Quite simple', huh?...Right.  So, what's with the getup, Murdock?"

"Well, Face, it's like this, see: I went incognito, so to speak, almost a year ago.  I'm sick of it!  I want out!  I want to break beyond the walls that are holding me in like a pizza box and, as Hannibal put it how I put it, 'roam free' with you guys."

"Don't listen to his jibba-jabba, Faceman; the guy's nuts.  Hannibal ordered him to keep it low, 'cause Decker's been on us real close, and Murdock wants to mess it up.  I'll mess him up real bad, if he does, 'though.  Make him pay..."

:to BA:
:to me:
"So, where does Mr. Lee come into all this?"

"Well, Faceman, as they say, 'A pizza can't change its toppings...'  The next part that everybody forgets is, '...but it can change its box.'  Instead of the cumbersome guise of a stall in the funny farm, I'm switchin' it up and tryin' on the Mr. Lee costume.  I mean, much as I enjoy a good Range Rider vs. the Smurfs marathon, I need to get out and do the bidding of George Bailey."

"George Bailey?"

"Yes, George Bailey."

"Uh huh.  How do you know what George Bailey wants, Murdock?"

"He told me when the VA was playing Christmas movies last night.  He said, 'Oh, why don't you stop annoying people.'  And as he spoke those words, I realized that it is my craziness that annoys our big buddy BA.  So, I have decided to take on a normal, Chinese persona in the place of that which you have grown accustomed to in order that I might still travel unbeknownst to our mutual arch-nemesis Decker, whilst still retaining a little more freedom and fresh air."

"I hate to break it to you, but I don't think BA's going to like Mr. Lee's tagging along with us any better than you and Billy, Murdock.  Now, don't get me wrong, I think it's a great idea, myself, but--"

:with fake dejection:
"That's okay, Face.  I get it."
: peels off Mr. Lee wig:
"There's also the issue of finding a suitable replacement for me at the VA without anyone's noticing, and the matter of..."
:takes off moustache:
" not being able to pull off a good Chinese accent that long.  I mean, there's that and then that those proverbs take a lot of time and consideration that I have to be devoting to other things."

"That's right, Captain.  Things like decorating this place up as fine as it is."

:cuts in:
"And--ah--helping me get the tree here and trimmed.  And cooking the goose!"

:sneaks off into a back room:

"Goose?!  What goose?  We don't got no Christmas goose!"

:emerges with steaming platter a la giant, overstuffed bird:
"Guess again, big guy!  Merry Christmas!"
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